Interim Management

Interim management is an effective and immediately impactful measure when your company requires specialized leadership and expertise on a temporary basis. With my extensive experience and profound industry knowledge, I offer interim management services to companies in the logistics and transport sector. I strategically apply my expertise in various situations, whether it's bridging vacancies, leading projects, or steering critical change processes.



Temporary Management - Your Flexible Leadership Solution

With me, you receive professional interim management specifically tailored to lead your organization through transition phases, specific project tasks, or times of crisis. That means stepping in temporarily exactly where you need it most. Whether it's implementing new processes, developing and executing strategies, or managing projects, my task is to ensure that everything runs smoothly. I not only bring expertise to your projects but also take on leadership responsibility to achieve optimal results.


Temporary Management

Short-, Medium-, and Long-Term Optimization of Your Logistics Processes

As your interim manager at SE.CO.MA., I offer targeted temporary management solutions to tackle the specific challenges of the logistics industry. I begin by thoroughly analyzing your company's current situation, focusing on logistical efficiency and supply chain management. Based on this analysis, I develop effective strategies that allow for rapid adjustments to market changes and unforeseen events such as supply shortages. This approach will not only result in immediate improvements but also benefit you in the medium and long term.


Business Continuity Management

Prevention and Security for Your Company

BCM is a comprehensive management process designed to identify and protect your company's critical business processes in advance. In the logistics industry, where time sensitivity and resilience are crucial, Business Continuity Management (BCM) plays a central role. As your interim manager, I focus on developing and implementing BCM strategies specifically aimed at securing your logistical operations against significant risks.

Business Continuity Management

Why to Opt for a BCM Strategy:

  • Preventive Measures: I work with you to increase the resilience of your logistical processes. That includes implementing robust systems and procedures that enable continuous monitoring and rapid adaptability.
  • Rapid Response in Crisis Situations: In the event of a failure, it is crucial that your company reacts quickly and efficiently. I ensure that emergency plans are in place, enabling targeted action and providing the resumption of business activities as soon as possible.


More Leadership in Your Company

By availing themselves of interim management services at SE.CO.MA., companies in the logistics and transport industry experience a series of significant advantages. These strengthen leadership and implementation competence within your company and provide the necessary expertise to succeed even in challenging times.


How you Benefit of Choosing Me

  • Flexibility: Allows for quick and flexible responses to market dynamics and unforeseen challenges, which are essential in the fast-paced logistics industry.
  • Expertise: Expert knowledge in logistics and transport aids in overcoming complex legal and financial challenges, conducting effective change management, and optimizing stakeholder communication and leadership during critical initiatives.
  • Efficiency Enhancement: Targeted measures improve process efficiency and lead to a significant performance boost.
  • Cost Control: Efficient, tailored solutions help monitor and optimize costs, tailored to the company's specific needs.
  • Short-Term Availability: I can immediately contribute to your company, initiating the first crucial steps quickly and efficiently. There are no long waiting times.


Interim Management by SE.CO.MA.

As your interim manager at SE.CO.MA., I provide specialized and effective management solutions for the logistics industry. My approach explicitly addresses the industry's challenges. Through systematic methods, I can act quickly and purposefully to optimize your logistical processes and efficiently support your business goals.


My Core Services in Interim Management Include:

  • Situational Analysis: A detailed analysis of the company's current state, with a particular focus on logistical efficiency and supply chain management.
  • Strategy Development: Drafting tailored strategies to improve logistical processes and optimize supply chains based on identified challenges and opportunities.
  • Implementation Planning: Quick and effective implementation of strategies to respond to market changes and unforeseen events such as supply shortages or demand fluctuations.
  • Network Utilization: Providing executives from an extensive network to meet specific logistics requirements and promptly fill operational gaps.


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… if you want or need to improve the resilience and efficiency of your company's processes. I am available to develop the best interim management solutions for your company together.

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