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SE.CO.MA. represents expert, confidential, and swift consulting in the transport and logistics industry. With over 35 years of experience, I provide specialized support for businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to medium-sized companies. My expertise includes detailed operational analyses, budget creation, forecasting, and business plan development, as well as performance planning and management. Additionally, I specialize in operational check-ups that optimize and accelerate your processes. Together, we can make your business more effective and efficient.



Your Partner for Professional Transport Consulting

Over the years, I have developed a broad range of services in transport consulting, allowing us to make sustainable and positive impacts on various processes within your company. This spectrum includes in-depth operational check-ups, expert and experience-based advice in freight management, and comprehensive strategic consulting in the logistics and transport industry. 



Benefits of Partnering with SE.CO.MA.

  • Improved Overview: Gain a comprehensive picture and better understanding of your business performance through meticulous analysis of your operational data.
  • Cost Reduction: Comprehensive analyses of your business structures help identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses, significantly lowering your overall costs.
  • Increased Profitability: Optimized processes and reduced costs can enhance your margins and thus increase your company's profitability.
  • Strategic Competitive Advantages: You can position your company more strongly in the competitive landscape through tailored strategic consulting and the implementation of effective business plans.

Business check up

Your Key to Optimization

The business check-up offers a detailed and objective evaluation of your logistics and transport processes. As an entrepreneur in the industry for many years, I bring a wealth of experience and extensive technical and financial expertise. I thoroughly analyze your business, identify inefficiencies, and provide tailored optimization recommendations.

Each analysis is supported by specialized calculation sheets customized to your company, ensuring precise and meaningful results. Leverage this expertise to make your operations efficient and profitable.

Business check up

Key Points of My Analysis Include:

  • Current Cost Review: Examination of your existing cost structures.
  • Cost Comparison: Evaluation of your costs in relation to competitors.
  • Profitability Calculations: Determination of the profitability of your business processes.
  • Break-Even Point: Identification of the point at which no losses are incurred.
  • Utilization and Savings Potential: Identification of optimization opportunities in resource usage.
  • Budgeting: Development of detailed budget plans for efficient resource allocation and cost control.
  • Forecasts: Creation of accurate projections for future business development based on current data and market trends.

Freight management

Maximize Your Logistics Efficiency

At SE.CO.MA., I offer comprehensive freight management services aimed at optimizing your operations' profitability and providing you with an objective overview of your processes.

Freight management

My Freight Management Services Include:

  • Freight Profitability Analysis: Evaluation of the profitability of individual freight routes and contracts to uncover optimization potentials.
  • Load Factor Optimization: Ensuring optimal transport utilization means minimizing empty trips and reducing costs.
  • Freight Relation Review: Analyzing and adjusting freight routes and networks for efficient logistics.
  • Revenue Planning: Development of accurate forecasts and strategies for future freight revenues based on historical data and market trends.
  • Specific Operational Metrics: Identifying and using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor and improve operational efficiency.

Strategic consulting

Your Navigator to Long-Term Business Success

My strategic consulting services are designed for companies aiming to optimize their business processes in the long term and solidify their market position. By relying on comprehensive analyses and customized planning, I help ensure that your operations achieve sustained success.

Strategic consulting

My Core Strategic Consulting Services Include:

  • SWOT Analyses: Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to support strategic decision-making.
  • Financial Analyses: Detailed assessment of your financial situation, including budgeting with clearly defined cost centers for realistic outcome forecasts.
  • Business Plan Development: Crafting comprehensive plans that consider structural situations, competition, management efficiency, corrective actions, goals, customer structures, and operational processes.
  • Strategic Investment Planning: Developing plans for forward-looking investments that enhance your competitiveness.
  • Forecasts: Creating detailed projections to map future revenue developments and cost scenarios.
  • Entrepreneurial Support: Providing comprehensive assistance throughout the analysis and optimization process, offering advisory support to ensure effective implementation of all measures and achieving your business goals.


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